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Oriental Institute(OI) of the University of Chicago
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What might ancient Mesopotamian music sound like?
Inspired by both this question and the 2003 looting at the Baghdad Museum, harpist Andy Lowings set out to recreate a playable replica of the iconic Gold Lyre of Ur. Andy, along with his friend Jennifer Sturdy, enlisted the help of
academics, students, artisans, and musicians to faithfully reconstruct the ancient instrument.

Their journey resulted in a series of recordings, concerts, and radio broadcasts,
all featuring the haunting sounds of the ancient lyre

With part 1 of the Lyre Ensemble podcast, we start our Contemporary Artist/Ancient Voices series,
a set of conversations with artists who draw inspiration from the ancient Middle East.

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The Lyre Ensemble, OI Video Podcast, Part 1 | Recreating the Gold Lyre of Ur

The Lyre Ensemble, OI Video Podcast, Part 2 | Playing the Gold Lyre of Ur


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Our first CD is still available
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